More than just a hobby, colouring is a part of an holistic therapy.

Your choice of colours say a lot about yourself and your mood.

Filling up shapes requires for concentration.

Spending hours on an artwork is relaxing.

Admiring your own creation afterwards is satisfying.

TIP #1

Before printing, choose carefully the paper you are going to work on.

Some types are better for pencils, others for painting…

TIP #2

To create harmony, start by choosing up to 6 colours only and use them for your whole artwork.

TIP #3

Be careful to fill up the shapes without going over the thin lines. To make it easier, start with the lightest colours, then progress increasingly darker ones.

TIP #3

Don't be shy. Be adventurous.

Try to ignore some of the lines or add new ones.

Try new juxtapositions of colours that you are not familiar with. Gold or glittery pencils? Stickers?

Have fun!



Examples of colours meaning

RED tones

Careful! RED is full of ENERGY. It is ideal for PASSIONATE artworks.

YELLOW tones

What a bright color! YELLOW is known as the color of the INTELLECT. But it will also provide you CHEERFULNESS.

BLUE tones

Usually, BLUE is considerate like a PEACEFUL color. But it is also the color of LOYALTYAnd that is why you can trust it.

ORANGE tones

Mix of RED and YELLOW, the ORANGE color is warm and OPTIMISTIC. And it is perfect for a good COMMUNICATION.

GREEN tones

Mix of YELLOW and BLUE, the color GREEN is not just the right choice for the lovers of NATURE. It is also the color of HARMONY.

PURPLE tones

Mix of BLUE and RED, PURPLE is the color of the great IMAGINATIVE mind. It can be also quite SPIRITUAL.

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